40 Orang Jemaah Masjid Mati

40 orang jemaah yang menunggu untuk solat Jumaat telah mati akibat ditimpa menara masjid yang tiba-tiba runtuh. Selain itu 80 orang jemaah lagi cedera dan sebahagiannya parah. Peristiwa ini berlaku pada hari Jumaat 19 Fab 2010. Masjid yang runtuh itu terletak di bandar Meknes, kira-kira 140 km dari bandar Rabat, ibu negara Maghribi. Kejadian berlaku ketika kira-kira 300 orang jemaah sedang menunggu untuk solat. Setakat ini tidak ada pelajar Malaysia yang dilaporkan terlibat dalam peristiwa malang ini. Masjid bersejarah yang berumur sekitar 400 tahun itu runtuh berikutan tidak ada usaha membaik pulih yang dilakukan oleh pihak kerajaan Maghribi.
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Tilam Empok dan Bilik Dingin

NATO rockets miss target, kill Afghan civilians

MARJAH, Afghanistan – Twelve Afghans died Sunday when two rockets fired at insurgents missed their target and struck a house during the second day of NATO’s most ambitious effort yet to break the militants’ grip on the country’s dangerous south.

Thousands of NATO and Afghan troops encountered pockets of resistance, fighting off sniper attacks, as they moved deeper into Marjah, a town of 80,000 people that is the linchpin of the militants’ logistical and opium-smuggling network in Helmand province.

Marines and Afghan troops used metal detectors and sniffer dogs, searching compound to compound for explosives rigged to explode. Blasts from controlled detonations could be heard about every 10 minutes north of Marjah.

Wacana Ilmuan:

Sewaktu kita sedang tidur nenyak di atas tilam empok dalam bilik berhawa dingin, saudara kita di Afghanistan sedang di hujani peluru NATO. Mudahan Allah menolong mereka berhadapan dengan tentera penjajah.
Amin Ya Rab

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Serangan Nato Bermula

Tentera NATO hari ini memulakan serangan terbesar di Afghanistan semenjak penaklukan bermula 2001. Reuters melaporkan pertembungan antara tentera pakatan dengan pejuang Taliban telah berlaku di kawasan Helman.

Tentera Taliban berkubu hanya kira-kira 300 Meter dari kedudukan tentera Marin. Dilaporkan 4500 tentera Marins dan 500 tentera Amerika lain dikerahkan kekawasan tersebut. Selain itu 1500 orang tentera Afghanistan juga menyertai operasi itu.

Kawasan Helman mempunyai 100,000 orang penduduk dan mereka kebanyakan menberikan sokongan kepada pejuang Taliban. Dianggarkan ramai penduduk ini yang akan menjadi mangsa serangan pihak penjajah ke atas wilayah tersebut. Dipetik dari Islam Online.

Ahmadinejad: Iran is now a ‘nuclear state’

updated 2:15 p.m. ET Feb. 11, 2010

TEHRAN, Iran – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed Thursday that Iran has produced its first batch of uranium enriched to a higher level, saying his country will not be bullied by the West into curtailing its nuclear program a day after the U.S. imposed new sanctions.

Ahmadinejad reiterated to hundreds of thousands of cheering Iranians on the anniversary of the 1979 foundation of the Islamic republic that the country was now a “nuclear state,” an announcement he’s made before. He insisted that Iran had no intention of building nuclear weapons.

It was not clear how much enriched material had actually been produced just two days after the process was announced to have started.

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Historical Glance:Al-Azhar

Al Azhar has recently witnessed a number of important events on top of which is its being honored as an institution by the Award of King Faisal for serving Islam. This award is honored by being granted to Al Azhar, and its grantor is honored as well. At its inception, Al Azhar was founded as a mosque of the city of Fatimite Cairo built by- Jawhar al Siqilli (Sicilian) in 358 H. (969 A.D.)

The original design of Al-Azhar Mosque consisted of a courtyard surrounded by three aisles. On the east, there were five corridors and on the south and north there were three corridors. At the Western Wall, there were no aisles. The main entrance of the mosque was in the middle of the northwest wall.

In about 400 H. (1009 A.D.), Al-Hakim Bi Amr Allah, renewed Al Azhar, and allocated endowments to it. Many philanthropists followed suit, and Al Azhar depended on substantial Endowments. In the year 427H. (1035 A.D.) Al-Azhar was again renewed during the caliphate of Al Mustansir Billah, Ma’ad bin Az-Zahir Lazazdinallah (For dignifying Allah’s Religion). His grandson, Al Amir Biahkamallah, who acceded to the Caliphate in 495 H. (1101 A.D), followed in his track and implemented a complete renewal of Al Azhar. When al Hafiz Ledeinallah became a Caliph in 524 H. (1129 A.D.), he renewed Al-Azhar and added to it many structures. When the Fatimite State collapsed, the total area of Al-Azhar was 13000 arm lengths, that is less than half of its current area which has become today 26333 arm lengths; that is about 12000 square meters.

That was Al-Azhar’s architecture during the Fatimite era till their rule of Egypt was ended at the hands of al-Sultan Al-Nasser Saladin in A.H. 567H.(1171 A.D.) Saladin, then, suspended performing the Friday prayers in Al Azhar and closed it.

Mamuluk Azhar

When al Zahir Baybars took over Egypt’s reign, the Friday prayers were resumed in Al Azhar Mosque. Emir Ezzedin Edimar, a prince of the Baybars’ state collected jewels from women and restored all that remained from Al Azhar’s endowments form their usurpers. He, then, renewed the Mosque’s ceilings and tiled all its floors. Emir Badr Eddin Bilbak Al Khazindar al Zahiri, had been of great help with the renewal of the Mosque. He established a spacious court to which he allocated plantations and real-estates. He stipulated that the revenue from these endowments should be spent on those who would be sequestered in the mosque’s aisle to read the Holy Qur’an, rehearse the Mohammedan Sunnah, or teach Imam Shafi’i’s jurisprudence. That aisle was the first teaching corridor inside Al Azhar, and the prelude to its transformation into a world-famous university.

The Taybarsiyya: In the year 709 H. ( 1709 A.D.) Emir Ala’ al Din Taybars completed the construction of his Al Azhar attached school where he prescribed lessons to be taught by the Shafi’i scholars. He selected the most refined marble, and decorated its ceiling with gold. He also covered its floor with Mihrab dappled carpets. He equipped the school with a book-case.

The-Aqbaghawiyya: In 740 H. ( 1339 A.D.), Emir Aqbugha Ala’a Eddin Al Wahidi, completed the construction of his Al Azhar attached school which was linked to the Taybarism School. He constructed a minaret for the school which is one of the five current minarets of Al Azhar.

Tawashi Emir Saad Eddin Basheer al Gumdar in761 H. (1360 A.D.) renewed Al Azhar Mosque and implemented important restorations to its architecture. He installed at its southern gate a free fresh water depot on top of which he built a Kuttab (school) for the teaching of the poor Muslim people. He also arranged for the delivery of lessons by Hanafi’i scholars. Moreover, he established a kitchen to provide the poor people neighboring Al Azhar with daily meals. He allocated substantial endowments for all that.

The Gawhariyya: Jawhar Al Qafiqbay Al Habashi constructed the Jawhari school at Al Azhar’s small northern gate toward the Corner of the Blind in 844 H. (1440 A.D.)

• The Mamuluk Sultan, Qaitbay implemented a thorough renewal of Al Azhar. He established Bab al-Muzayin?n and Bab al-Gindi (Gate of Qaytbay) with its minaret which is still standing. He also established a fountain, free fresh water faucet and running water facility for ablution. In 906 H. (1500 A.D. )Sultan Qansah al-Ghuri constructed his double final minaret inside Bab al-Muzayin?n. He also allocated the sum of 670 dinars for Al Azhar kitchen in Ramadan.

Ottoman Azhar

By the fall of the Mamuluk reign and the advent of the Ottoman Sultan Selim I to Egypt, the Ottomans paid particular attention the Al Azhar. At that time two important incidents had occurred:

• First, in 1161 H. (1748 A.D.) a number of astrolabes had been installed to tell the time. One of them was placed in a corner of Al Azhar courtyard; on the left side of the entrance.

• Second, Abd al-Rahman Katkhuda had made many changes and additions to Al Azhar in 1167 H. (1753 A.D.) He expanded the Kiblah aisle, renewed Bab al-Muzayin?n and Bab al-Sa’ayida (Gate of the Sa’idis, named after the people of Upper Egypt), as well as the al-Aqbaghawiyya school, and the Taybarsiyya School. He also established a basic school (Kuttab) for the education of poor Muslims. He increased the area of Al Shawam Corridor, and renewed the corridors of the Makeyyin, and Takruriyyin.

• Al Azhar had always been busy with lessons and science. Its riwaqs had been filled with students from all over the world. These riwaqs include; corridor of the Sudanese, corridor of the Moroccans, and the Jabarti Riwaq which was set aside for Al Azhar students from Abyssinia, Eritrea, and Somalia. Alberto Riwaq was for the students from Senegal, Nigeria, Guinea and Ghana. There are also Chad Riwaq, Nuba Riwaq, Yemen Riwaq, Sham Riwaq, Indonesia Riwaq, India Riwaq, Haramain Riwaq, and Afghan Riwaq.

Al Azhar Bodies

Al Azhar as it is now includes:
– Al Azhar Supreme Council.
– Department of Culture and Islamic Research.
Azhar Institutes.
Al Azhar University.
Azhar Library.
– Islamic Research Academy.
Fatwa Committee.

Sheikh Al Azhar presides over Al Azhar Supreme Council. It lies in the premises of the Sheikhdom Headquarters which had been adjacent to Al Azhar Mosque up to 1999; when it was moved to a new building constructed in the style of Islamic architecture. It is close to Al Azhar Mosque as well. The area of the new building is about 6.000 Square meters; much larger than the old building. It is also architecturally more appropriate as the sheikhdom headquarters. It was designed to house a sheikhdom specific information center as well as the offices of Al Azhar Secretary General; deputies, and public relations. The building is 6 stories high.

*Al-Azhar Institutes

They are institutes established with the object of preparing young students to join Al-Azhar University. They have taken a modern and organized form since 1930; when the law of Al-Azhar Reform was issued by Sheikh al-Zawahiri, Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar The most prominent of these institutes then was Al-Azhar Cairo Institute and the Institute of Alexandria, Zagazig, Assiut and the Institute of Damietta. However, two institutes will remain the best throughout Al-Azhar’s history. They are the Institutes of Tanta and Desouq where the most outstanding Azhar scholars have studied and graduated in the recent years, including Dr. Mohammed Hussein al-Zahabi and the eminent Sheikh Mohammad Metwali Al-Sha’rawi, Dr. Youssef Al-Qaradawi, Dr. Ali Al-Sayess, Dr. Mohamed Emara, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Moneim al-Nimr, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Besar and many others. In the 1970s, and with the encouragement of Dr. Abdel Halim Mahmud, Al-Azhar former Grand Sheikh, Al-Azhar institutes have spread all over Egypt; across the villages and Cities. Al Azhar has also adopted the construction and oversight of Azhar institutes outside Egypt. During his presidency of Sheikh Gad al-Haq Ali Gad al-Haq paid great attention to Kattatib (schools for Qur’an memorization) in Egypt which were almost extinct.

*Al-Azhar University:

Al-Azhar University started to take up its contemporary identity in the year 1930 with the promulgation of Al-Azhar Reform Law when two colleges were founded, namely, the Colleges of Arabic Language and Shari’a Law. After the 1961 Law of the Development of Al-Azhar, Al-Azhar University consisted of the following Faculties: the Faculty of Fundamentals of Religion and the Faculty of Shari’a Law, the Faculty of Transactions and Management, the Islamic Faculty for Girls, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Agriculture.

The Egyptian Government had allocated a new site to Al-Azhar University-at the New Nasr City in Cairo, where the University has expanded. It also opened branches in most of the governorates of Egypt. The largest branch of Al-Azhar University is in Assiut. Al-Azhar University is the largest of all the Egyptian and Arab universities.

* Al-Azhar Library:

Inside Al-Azhar there were book cases in all its Riwaqs. The Europeans in the 19th century sought to loot the books. However, Sheikh Muhammad Abdou realized that and started to collect the Riwaq bookcases in Al-Azhar General Library. The Library books had been recorded in two voluminous register-books where 18564 volumes had been recorded. The Aqbaghawiyya School attached to Al-Azhar was utilized as the headquarters of the Library in 1994. It was then moved to new headquarters currently known as as Al-Azhar’s Dar-al Kutub (Al Azhar Main Library), which was built according to the international architectural library systems. An up-to-date management system has also been developed for this library.

The importance of Al Azhar main Library is ascribed to the fact that it houses rare Islamic
.manuscripts which are not available in any other library in the world. It has accrued more importance through the personal libraries dedicated to it such as the library of Suleiman Pasha Abaza presented by his inheritors in 1889, the library of Halim Pasha, presented to Al Azhar in1912, and the library of Sheikh Abdel Qader Al Rafie’ endowed to Al Azhar in 1927. Al Azhar main Library also houses precious Islamic artifacts and antiques including Holy Qur’an cases, Mamuluk and Ottoman Qur’an books, astronomical devices, and antique pens.

* Islamic Research Academy

The Islamic Research Academy was established in 1961. The Academy had replaced the Board of Senior Ulema (scholars), which had its prestige, dignity, and reverence. It was respected by all Muslims in all parts of the world. The establishment of the Academy was based on the Law of Al-Azhar Reform, approved by the of the Egyptian People’s Council in 1961. The Islamic Research Academy is a Jurisprudence competent authority to examine major problems faced by the Muslim community. The Academy provides indisputable views and has the decisive say in this respect. During his term of office, Sheikh Gad al-Haq Ali Gad al-Haq, played a prominent role in confronting what the Cairo International Conference on Population, held in 1994 had tried to pass such as abortion, homosexuality and the same-sex marriage, etc. The Academy has also been monitoring all publications against Islam; in addition to following up the problems of Muslim minorities in the world. The Academy includes in its membership 35 scholars, and it has 12 Committees. In spite of the great role the Academy has been playing, the majority of Al-Azhar scholars still wish for the return of the old Board of Scholars, founded in 1931.

*Fatwa Committee:

Sheikh Mustafa Al-Maraghi was the first one to think of the establishment of the Fatwa Committee in Al-Azhar in the year 1935. This Committee is an important reference and authority for all Muslims on the world level. The first structure of the Committee comprised a group of senior scholars; some of whom had later acceded to Al-Azhar Sheikhdom., including: Sheikh Mahmoud Shaltout, Sheikh Mahmoud Al Sobki, and Sheikh Mohamed Abdallah Draz. The most prominent Committee chairperson was Sheikh Atia Sakr, who had issued a great Encyclopedia of his fatwas which were recorded in more than 30 volumes. Each volume contained several chapters collecting fatwas relating to certain cases or particular areas. One of the most prominent contemporary members of the Committee is Dr. Ali Gomaa, professor of Jurisprudence at Al-Azhar and Egypt’s Grand Mufti. The Committee receives five hundred men and women on daily basis. The people’s queries and the Committee members’ responses are recorded to be used when necessary.

Kanak-kanak Gaza Menyumbang Untuk Haiti

Walaupun kanak-kanak Gaza telah menjadi mangsa kepungan Yahudi semenjak 2007, mereka masih mampu menunjukkan rasa simpati terhadap mangsa gempa bumi Haiti. Mungkin bantuan yang di kumpulkan tidak membri banyak impak pada rakyat Haiti, tapi risalah lain yang dapat disampaikan kepada dunia ialah hanya rakyat Gaza yang kesusahan dapat menyelami beratnya musibah yang menimpa Haiti. Anak-anak kita pernah terfikir?

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10 Muharam dan Penganut Syiah

Wacana Ilmuan:
Beginilah gelagat penganut Syiah setiap kali tibanya 10 Muharam. Mereka meratapi kematian Hussain bin Ali cucu Rasulullah s.a.w. Mereka menunjukkan kekesalan terhadap pembunuhan
yang berlaku dan menganggap ianya tanda cinta mereka kepada keluarga Rasulullah s.a.w. Sungguhpun Rasulullah melarang perbuatan menyksa diri, tetapi taklid buta dan ketaksuban menutup akal manusia.

8 Lagi Terbunuh

Tentera Amerika di Afghanistan terus dirundung malang bila 8 rang tenteraberjaya dibunuh oleh tentera Taliban. Rekod bulan September sebagai bulan paling malang semenjak menjajah Afghanista 2001 telah di atasi, 51 kematian pada September dan 53 kematian setakat ini untuk bulan Oktober.

Dick Cheney

Akibat pukulan teruk ini, beberapa pihak mahukan askar-askar tambahan dihantar segera, sementara Presiden Obama yang sememengnya tidak berminat untuk menembah bilangan tentera masih menyepi. Beliau tidak mahu tergesa-gesa. Tindakan Obama dikeritik hebat oleh Dick Cheney.

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Helikopter Jatuh, 14 Tentera Mati
(Chinook 47)

Tajuk di atas menceritakan nasib tentera Amerika yang menggempur Afghanistan. Walaupun terdapat lebih 100,000 orang tentera penjajah, namun penentangan yang ditunjukkan oleh Taliban akan menjadi kebanggaan yang akan tetap dikenang oleh sejarah.

26Oktober 2009adalah hari paling malang bagi tentera Amerika. Bilangan askar paling ramai mati dalam sehari tercatat pada terik tersebu semenjak penjajahan Afghaniastan.

Sumber Amerika mengatakan bahawa kekuatan Taliban berjumlah 25,000 orang diseluruh pelusuk Afghanistan. Setiap kali helikopter mereka terhempas, kenyataan yang dibuat ialah berlaku kerosakan atau perlanggaran. Mereka amat takut untuk mengakui bahawa mereka tidak dapat menguasai susana dan gagal menangkis serangan pejuang Taliban.

Presiden Amerika pula sedang berusaha bersungguh-sungguh untuk menggantikan Hamid Kharzai dengan keldai tunggangan lain yang dilihat boleh menguasai suasana. Akibatnya keputusan pilihanraya lepas dianggap tidak sah dan disahkan berlaku penipuan.

Mengapa Amerika benar-benar mahu menguasai Afghanistan? Kesian rakyat Amerika yang memang rata-ratanya benci kepada peperangan. Mereka ditipu oleh pemimpin mereka. Mereka diberitahu bahawa Afghanistan melindungi al Qaeda dan sumber pengeluaran dadah dunia.

Pada hakikatnya ada beberapa sebab penting kerajaan Amerika benar-benar ingin menguasai Afghanistan:
1- Laluan minyak.Kedudukan Afghanistan akan menyebabkan Amerika dapat menguasai laluan minyak yang penting.
2-Amerika tidak mahu bergantung sepenuhnya kepada bonekanya di Saudi kerana bimbang jika perubahan mendadak berlaku dalam kepimpinan Saudi akan melumpuhkan kekuatan Amerika.
3-Menguasai Afghaanistan bererti mengepung Iran dan Pakistan yang kedua-duanya merupakan kuasa nuklear.
4-Peperangan akan menjamin pelaburan berbilion dollar akan terus menjana keuntungan dan ujian terhadap teknoloji baru. Dalam peperangan ini Amerika telah menggunakan kapalterbang tanpa pemandu yang boleh melancarkan peluru berpandu.

MQ-9 Reaper berharga US10.5 juta,
tanpa pemandu, membawa peluru berpandu,
pengesan bunyi, dapat mengambil gambar waktu malam.

Obama telah dimaklumkan bahawa Taliban tidak akan dapat dikalahkan walau seramai manapun tentera asing dihantar ke Afghanistan. Untuk itu Amerika sedang mengkaji cara memecahkan saf Taliban dari dalam. Antara cara yang boleh dilakukan ialah dengan menawarkan perkongsian kuasa antara puak Taliban dan puak pro Amerika. Sudah tentu tawaran ini jika diterima oleh sebahagian Taliban akan menimbulkan kemarahan terhadap haluan radilkal dalam kumpulan itu. Kat mana Amerika belajar strategi baru ni? Kat Malaysia kot.

Inilah antara tentera sukarelawan Taliban
yang digeruni oleh tentera bersekutu di Afghanistan

Peluru Berpandu Iran

Ditengah-tengah tekanan Amerika dan Israel terhadap program senjata nuklear Iran, kerajaan negara itu bertindak mengadakan latihan tentera selama 3 hari. Kedua-dua musuh ketat Iran itu menjangkakan pada 2010 Iran akan mampu mengeluarkan senjata nuklearnya sendiri. Para penganalisis menjangkakan Israel sedang membuat kajian tentang kemungkinan menyerang Iran sebelum negara itu mampu mengeluarkan senjata nuklear.

Disinilah dikatakan terletaknya reaktor nuklear Iran

Bagi memberi amaran kepada Israel dan Amerika, Iran telah menonjolkan kekuatan tenteranya dengan melancarkan 3 buah peluru berpandu buatnnya sendiri. Peluru berpandu itu pula mampu untuk mengenai sasaran sejauh 2000km. Mampukah latihan itu memberi mesej yang boleh difahami oleh Amerika dan Isreal?
Masa akan menjawabnya.

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